Monday, November 4, 2013

Marla Abling: Two Deaths In One Woman's Bedroom

Several of Marla Abling's 20+ mugshots
Colorado has something known as the "Make My Day" law. The law, passed in 1985, refers to Clint Eastwood's famous line from Dirty Harry, and it essentially shields people from criminal prosecution when they use deadly force on an intruder in their home. It is not exactly the same as a Stand Your Ground law, but it works in a similar manner--an individual can petition the court for "Make My Day" immunity, which, if granted, would keep the person from facing criminal charges after killing someone on his/her property.

Enter Marla Abling. This woman from Lamar, Colorado has a checkered history, and she is almost infamous in her town. She recently petitioned the court for Make My Day immunity after the strangulation death of her ex-boyfriend in her apartment. The court did not grant her the immunity, and she is now facing first-degree murder charges. Interestingly, a man died in Ms. Abling's bedroom several years prior to the current incident--the death was ruled an accidental drug overdose, but Ms. Abling did not call the police until 48 hours after the man's death, which gave her enough time to thoroughly scrub her entire apartment with bleach.

Keep in mind, Ms. Abling has not been convicted of first-degree murder in the strangulation case. The court merely ruled that the circumstances of the death did not warrant Make My Day Immunity. She should be considered innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It could very well be she is a victim of domestic violence (there was a protective order in place keeping her ex-boyfriend away from her), and she may have had a legitimate reason to use deadly force.

Here is a 9 Wants To Know story about Marla Abling:

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Thanks for reading-- Max Wachtel, Ph.D.


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