Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Friday Rorschach: Stanley, The Cat

Portrait of Stanley, The Cat, 2013, tempera paint on paperboard

What it is: It is a cat. Specifically, it is a portrait of the family cat, Stanley. This is one of my daughter's paintings, and she was embarrassed by how it turned out, because she thought it looked like an owl. I, however, love its style. It is a very flat painting, and she mixed interesting colors. She also put a great deal of effort into Stanley's white fur, giving it great texture. She has a good sense of balance, which forces the viewer to look at the whole piece, not just the enormous white part of Stanley's body.

The real Stanley
The flatness of the painting (the lack of dimensionality) is what made me think this would be a good Friday Rorschach post. The background jumps into the foreground, and many of you incorporated it into your responses.

detail of Stanley's fur

What you thought it was: Most of you thought it was a bird of some sort:

A surprising number of you saw a chicken:

An even more surprising number of you saw this as a penguin:

Several of you saw this as a bird wearing clothes. On the Rorschach, this would be considered a troubling sign--when an animal is engaging in an activity that is impossible, it is usually a sign of psychosis or traumatic brain injury (Remember, don't diagnose yourself with anything based on what you saw in this picture. I saw a bird wearing a hat, and I am neither psychotic nor cognitively impaired, as far as I know):

One of the most common responses to this week's picture was negativity of emotion:

As always, there were the pop culture references:

A few of you saw something wrapped in a cocoon, as if for protection:

There was a lot of fire in this week's responses. In the Rorschach, fire responses are typically negative, as though the form is being destroyed. These responses, however, seem to be more of an indication that the black and orange paint in the lower right corner looks like a campfire:

There is always at least one Friday Rorschacher who uses the word obviously or clearly. As in, "it obviously looks like blah blah blah." On the Friday Rorschach, it is usedin a joking manner, because the Rorschacher's response is never very obvious.

On the real Rorschach, someone will make an obvious or clearly response every now and then, but he or she is usually not joking. And, the responses are never obvious or clear. They tend to be bizarre responses like, "It is obviously a penis with wings that has just exploded out of the window of Rapunzel's castle. Anyone could clearly see that."

A theme that crosses weeks in the Friday Rorschach is poop. People always see poop in these pictures:

And then there is this great psychology/owl joke (google John Bowlby for more information):

There is the reference to a swan, from a person with a swan for an avatar (what more could you expect?):

There is an Australian politician (I had to look this one up):

And, my personal favorite for the week:

What you might have missed: For me, the first image that popped into my head when I looked at this painting was an owl wearing a mortarboard. I mean, it was so obvious. Looking back on it, it might have been the 12 years I spent as a university professor...

Nevertheless, a few of you saw it too:

One last thought: Stanley is no longer with the Wachtel family. My wife and I had him before we had children. When our daughter was born, it turned out that she was horribly allergic to cats. I don't think she could breathe for the first three years of her life.

It was a tough decision, but we ended up giving Stanley away. My daughter almost immediately felt better (especially after a thorough house cleaning). But, the whole family missed the cat. So, we have the portrait of Stanley (the photo and now my daughter's painting) to remember him. And no one sneezes when we look at them.

Thanks for reading-- Max Wachtel, Ph.D.

Friday Rorschach is a fun project designed to engage readers' creativity. To participate, follow Max on twitter. He posts the drawing every Friday morning around 10am ET/8am MT. There are no wrong answers to the Friday Rorschach.


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Our 15-year reputation speaks volumes about the Denver movers that work here at Fischer Van Lines, Moving and Storage. The owner was a mover for 13 years before he started Fischer Van Lines, the company will be 15 years old in October of 2019. Fischer Van Lines is the best Denver moving company.

One thing that stand above successful residence supervisors is the impressive frame of mind. Actually, look at employees doing work at renowned house control firms for example Eenhoorn LLC and you may see what we should are trying to successfully pass over. When you are controlling numerous components, there might arrive a time when points will not likely workout when you anticipate. Eenhoorn

It is quite evident that forsaking free stuff will give your business the recognition it merits. Surrender referencing anything along these lines before offering the free stuff since you may end up exculpating such inestimable customers. Or then again maybe, make the entire methodology as fundamental as could be normal considering the present situation and you are never going to lament the decision even once. freebies

Butterworms are most well known for their usefulness as fishing bait, although, they are also highly valued as a reptile feeder species. In fact, they are great as a feeder insect particularly due to their bright color and attractive scent that makes them a tempting snack to even some of the more stubborn pets.

With such a significant number of online retail stores out there, you may see that its hard in selecting the best there is. To save you the hassle of inspecting numerous stores, you can consider checking out Addliy. human hair

The major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, use robots to crawl the internet. These robots gather all the information they get and utilize various algorithms to determine what companies and pages are most relevant to the search terms. SEO company Marketing1on1 1100 Glendon Ave FL 17 Los Angeles, CA 90024 U.S.

Totally, it has the impact in how your target audiences are going to see your company or audience before turning into potential customers. Considering, it is constantly important to work with a reputable agency that has amassed years of experience concerning offering web design Singapore. some of the best web designs in Singapore

Online rummy gives you the opportunity to play endlessly with a pool of skilled players who’ve come to hone their skills over the years. So, if you are rummy lover, you will find just the right community to download rummy. Check the latest promotions, rummy tournaments, news and updates in our rummy blog section.

Considering, its sheer idea might wind up sending shudders down your spine. Things are totally different when you choose to buy beats since it will all around be more affordable. Considering, the firm rivalry that exists for online beat markets has affected the costs. beats to rap to

Offline and online marketing services including website marketing and internet marketing all require a lot of thought and strategic planning to make sure you get the absolute best results for the product or service you are going to offer. marketing services

The vanlife is a house joined to a motorized chassis. The chassis is the steel structure on which the body is mounted. Considering, rvlife are mounted on a bus or truck chassis, station wagon, van, minibus, Kombi or chassis-cabin and it is possible to find a home motor even in the chassis of a van and tent trailer; what is central is creative cerebrum. vanlife portugal

If your structure needs any strengthened material tensile, by then you can without a truly confounding stretch know whether it will work for you. Regardless, you need to guarantee you are relying on the relationship of a solid relationship if you are to benefit totally from a tensile draw out test. tensile test

The Rolex Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II watches come with the spirit of the sailor. Inspired by the traditions associated with Rolex and the world of sailing, beginning in the 1950s. The Yacht-Master combines functionality and beauty. While the Yacht-Master II watches combine the most advanced Rolex technology to create a chronograph regatta suitable for yachting. yacht master

A strong brand needs a high-level marketing strategy to leverage its power in order to increase your reputation in any industry or niche. With competitive pricing, a full range of design and marketing services and a reputation for skill, reliability and exceptional customer service, Online Pro Designs stands ready to help you create a powerful brand identity that propels your business toward success. brochure design

To serve the stray pieces of the aggregate of their clients, Prince's Landscape PTE Ltd has set up customer friendly prices for all their lucky plants in their store. This comes as good news especially to individuals who are running on a low budget yet simultaneously need to buy lucky plants. For instance, you can lay your hands on Mandarin Orange lucky plants while having $128-$1,388. lucky plants

This is something you no longer need to stress over while utilizing ePic Character Generator since it manages the other hand on Android or Windows devices. As requirements are, you can begin building characters on one contraption and the pickup from where you left off on another. With multiple characters able to be placed on the same background, you can display your entire group on a single card. character generator

You can even share your experiences not vindicating the strengths and weaknesses. This action goes far in promising you bond in a creative, and supportive environment. No big stunningness working with clay is connected with most indoor team building activities Singapore to create a strong bond between participants. pottery workshop Singapore

The hair products you choose to utilize may wind up making hurt your hair. It is for this reason you have to practice alert before abandoning your hard-earned cash. When buying a conditioner or shampoo, it is highly advisable that you read through the hair care thing name. To run for alert, you should sidestep away from hair care products having liquor, as it tends to strip away your hair's trademark oil and sprinkled state. dry hair treatment

Right when you have an away from of such a dandruff you are facing, you will see that its key in getting the best dandruff-join with formula. The anti dandruff shampoo you choose to use is too huge here since the ingredients won't work too. Complete a detailed research and take a gander at the changed sorts of products that can help you in dealing with the problem for the last time. how to dandruff

A lot of individuals will when in doubt ingest their oil with an a spot at a time some piece of dry shampoo. What they dismissal to see is that they are from a general perspective upsetting the condition. This is because dry shampoo may wind up drying out your scalp as necessities make it produce more oil than before. oily scalp

This vacuum cleaner is the best option for people that have combined floors in their homes, as it comes with a soft roller and motorized cleaner head that is suitable for all floor types. It is also great if you are looking for an easy-to-use appliance – but, avoid it if you want long-life cleaning equipment or want to clean out large debris. dyson v10 fluffy vs absolute

A blog needs to have an ordinary commentary. A basic article about the products will debilitate our readers. Posting information concerning the products in the articles is a lot of standing isolated from repeating and changing what is being said in watches. Don't simply underscore what our readers already know, rather start a discussion.

At Taxfyle, we value progress, innovation, and dedication. Here, we share a vision to create a platform that allows people to reach their full potential, expand their businesses, and improve the overall quality of their work life. Fueled by leaders of innovation, we've joined the race to help create a more inclusive, efficient, and accessible future for business. taxfyle

Include photos along with your content. Photos are attention grabbing and so are a simple way to show your opinions without terms. This is especially true with running a blog. Images can also quickly convey elements about your website, including subject material or tone of the producing, without resorting to a great deal of words and phrases to describe those options that come with your blog site. So, include photos wherever possible.

If you want to withdraw your money that you may have won, it is actually even easier, just look for the withdrawal opportunity of the game you played at, usually it is up to the menu. Then choose the amount you want to withdraw and to which bank you want the profit to be. Verify yourself with your BankID and wait a short while. 888 casino

Bamboo is commonly connected with the tropics however it can develop in many atmospheres! With a quickly developing populace, the interest for wood made items places huge weight on our worldwide hardwood assets and furthermore exhausts regular untamed life territories. Bamboo gives a superior other option, allowing our lovely trees to remain unblemished. best bamboo pillow

We offer a variety of pickup options, whether you need us to pick up your parcels from you, or prefer to drop them off yourself at our extensive network of drop-off points. Ninja Van is the only last-mile courier with almost 100% service coverage in Southeast Asia. You can expect consistent, high-quality service across all countries we operate in. delivery in Singapore

Our dentists in Kent combine their vast experience with science and artistry in order to provide you treatment of the highest level and endeavor to make your time at our Kent Washington location a life changing experience. Our team at Sunrise Dental will give you the smile of your dreams and the confidence to live your fullest life. dentist kent wa

We believe that the experience of completing timed, mock papers is an essential advantage for all children aiming to succeed at their entrance exams, and we are very proud to bring you a range of practice papers with a particular focus on the Sutton Selective Eligibility Test, Kent Procedure for Entrance to Secondary Education, Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex, Tiffin School entrance exams and the Bucks Secondary Selection Test. Essex 11 plus past papers

Meanwhile, the CleanView conveniently allows you to see through the glass so you know when it’s full and requires emptying. Capture debris and dirt high and low with the convenient extension wand. Plus the extra tools— TurboBrush, Dusting Brush and Crevice Tool— makes cleaning ceiling fans, ceilings, shelves and baseboard quick and easy. best vacuum under $150

Oak infused kitchen cabinets come with the grandeur of solid, natural wood. While it's beautiful, it is also highly water-resistant. Compared to MDF, which does not offer any solid protection against water ingress, oak kitchen cabinets are a worthy option to consider making it less susceptible in a wet or damp condition.oak kitchen cabinets

Accessing the Affordable Writing Services Online from the best and expert writers who also offers Best Research Writing Services gives you time to concentrate on other activities. The company also offers Online Essay Writing Services At affordable cost.

Working out in the comfort of your home is pretty much amazing. You get to multi-task – maybe watch the morning news while squatting and take comfortable breaks in-between. Anyways, working out efficiently at home is only possible using the best home gym equipment. best casein protein powders

For years, CPAs have struggled to balance compliance work while trying to meet the demands of all their clients, until now. Taxfyle is an app that provides people with a solution to their tax problems from within their pockets, while also giving CPAs the flexibility they need. remote cpa jobs

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A lot of games and all are games that make money. To us all And also the highest balance ever made, easy to play, easy to get, no cheating because someone has won a prize Get a lot of big bonus luck.It's a game That's worth playing Because all our games Inside, this is a game that will definitely make money for you. slot

He has also lent his acumen to civic interests as well, and is one of five commissioners for the Port of Los Angeles, which oversees the largest container port in the Amercicas. Additionally, he serves as one of seven commissioners for the Alameda Corridor, which oversees a $1.2 billion government-owned railroad from the Port of LA and Long Beach to Downtown Los Angeles. edward r renwick

Our design team embrace the daily challenge of creating the perfect playground, furnished with high-quality play equipment that inspires children to become more active while having fun outdoors. We create remarkable 3D designs that help you visualise your next exciting playground which is backed with guarantees of up to 25 years. school playground equipment

The office is located near the Hudson Bend intersection on hwy 620 and is very close to the Steiner Ranch neighborhood and north Lakeway. We are also very close to Hudson Bend Middle School. Our office is located at 3807 Ranch Road 620 North, Austin, TX 78734. Metlife dentist in 78734 Lakeway Texas

More importantly,white kitchen cabinets enable you to explore with bold designs, and they take the sharpness off the striking hues such as emerald green, ruby red, and royal blue. Also, they blend with a wide variety of surfaces and materials such as wood, stone, ceramic, to mention some As popular as the hype for white cabinets is, complains about being difficult to maintain it, is also popular. white kitchen cabinets

Our private brokers offer funds management for interesting trades or investors with no experience. We have a special team of financial professionals who do effectively fund management and grow your investment safely and steadily in long term. Receive news and market updates in real-time through the platform. bitcoin profit review

Do you need help with your Statistics homework? Then get connected with Statistics Homework Help Online from the Best Homework Writers USA and the leading Homework Help Writing Services Provider.

The Bungalows Office in Del Mar, CA, is home to a 39,537 square-foot office space for sale/lease that hosts a variety of spectacular features and the ideal combination of workspace amenities. Located at 2010 Jimmy Durante Blvd, this destination brings you minutes from Del Mar Village, a quaint seaside village that features many local attractions and spectacular views of Del Mar’s beaches. del mar office

Black has always been a classy color for kitchens. Espresso kitchen cabinets can achieve that look that you want. Dark kitchens have always given that elegant look in high end homes. Espresso kitchen cabinets can match with almost any other color for either the modern or a more traditional look. espresso kitchen cabinets

We're Hitech, a ISO 9001:2008 certified software company that serves clients and runs several products for small businesses and growing businesses like ours. Since 2002, Hitech has helped tens of thousands of traders and startups to grow their business and make more money. billing software

A friendly face makes all the difference when you are having a bad day. Burst pipe, water damage in the home, in need of emergency plumber in Burbank? A friendly, professional plumber should put the customer at ease and ensure that they understand that their plumbing problem is in good hands. Red Hat Plumbing offer, friendly and professional plumbers to get the work done well. plumbers burbank

Now we work endlessly to provide those same online appointment booking tools and appointment scheduler apps for small business, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs. Your potential customers have their smartphones with them wherever they go. Let them book right away from their smartphone bookme

If you need garage door repairs, employing a professional garage door repair company in Pasadena will remove the stress and hassle, and it will make the whole process easy and seamless. Therefore, if you are in need of custom gates in Pasadena or garage door repair in Pasadena, contact us at Zodiac Doors and Gates, we place our customers at the top of our priority list. garage door repair pasadena

The first property is set to open in San Francisco in quarter four of this year, and will be a 135-room boutique hotel in a newly-renovated historic building located in the centre of the city's mid-market neighbourhood. With Kelly Wearstler Interior Designs on board, the hotel will feature three restaurants on the ground floor, as well as a restaurant and bar on the rooftop. alex samek

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Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education HPBOSE Textbooks is available here and official website. HPBOSE Himachal Pradesh Matric/ 10th Class Textbooks, Syllabus, Previous year Question paper, Model Question Paper, Exam pattern, Blueprint are also available here. HP Board Class X Textbooks are available in PDF file format. HP Matric/Class 10th Students can take a print out of the eBook and these textbooks are viewed by multiple devices like Personal computerHP 10th Textbooks 2021-2022, Laptop, Mobiles, etc. HPBOSE is responsible for school education in the state. Hindi and English are the medium of instruction.

Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! Simply put your blog post to my favorite blog list and will look forward for additional updates. Simply wanted to write down a word in order to say thanks to you for those wonderful tips. Buca Escort

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